Convenient to charge, worry free for endurance

Bring you better wireless experience

Adopted with TRUE WIRELESS technology

The right and left headsets sync with each other through wireless and provide stereo output sound. No more

Small but stylish

Combined the removable charing with the easy storage function, conveninent
to take charge as long as you put it on the charge station. It is a breaking-throu
innovetion. It takes 25 minutes for a full charge.

  • 120 Last for 120 minutes
    once a full charge
  • Charging box
    provides fast
  • See-through
    plastic material get
    know of the
    charge status
  • High capacity
    lithium battery
    provides 4-6
    time charges
  • Intelligent
    charging box also
    a carrying

Enjoy wireless sports, enjoy
a true freedom

Running, ought to be boundless

optimized cavity more stable bluetooth connection

Adopted with optimized cavity structure, combined with the excellent 8mm speaker and as well with the
DSP control system specially tuned by the engineers, the D900s will bring you a shocking experience.

earbud dust proofer speaker unit

Low frequency balanced technology

As the headset electric current will be weakened with the volume reduce, to achieve the low frequency transient response needs enough powerful electric current. So for ordinary headset the bass effect will be weakened if at a low volume range.

D900mini adopts the low frequency balanced tech, via DSP adjust, even if at low volume it will strengthen the current signal for the low frequency part automatically, so that to have a better bass sound effect.

Bluetooth 4.1 technology,
better sound quality

  • Lower power
  • Better
  • better

Strong compatibility

Disregard of the brands, systems, compatible with devices
as long as they are bluetooth enabled.

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